100 Word Review – Insomnia (2002)

Psychological crime thrillers don’t come much better than this. 

Homocide detective Will Dormer (Al Pacino) is sent with his partner (Martin Donovan) to investigate a murder in a small town in Alaska. Trapped in the perpetual daylight of an Alaskan summer and growing tensions, insomnia sets in…

Co-starring Hilary Swank and Robbin Williams and directed by the one and only Christopher Nolan (Memento, Inception, Interstellar), this film is tense beyond belief. It’s exhausting in the best possible way, placing you squarely in Will Dormer’s shoes.

Pacino and Williams are mesmerising, Swank’s sublime and Nolan’s clearly doing what he does best.

100 Word Review – Memento (2000)

Based on a short story by his brother Jonathan, this is the earliest Christopher Nolan film to make it on to the IMDb Top 250 list. It currently places at number 45.

Guy Pearce stars as Leonard, a man with short term memory loss on the hunt for his wife’s murderer. To cope with his disability he creates a strange system to help him remember and piece the clues together.

Full of violence, heartache and confusion, the story is told through two timelines running in opposite directions making this is more of a brain teaser than Inception could ever dream to be.

100 Word Review – Interstellar (2014)

One of the most naturalistically made big-budget Sci Fi’s I’ve seen.

Set about 50 years in the future, the world’s plagued by an inhospitable climate. Ex-astronaut turned farmer Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) is sent with a group of scientists (Anne Hathaway, Wes Bently, David Gyasi) through a wormhole to save mankind.

As this is a Christopher Nolan film, it’s full of twists, turns and pseudo-science. I’m yet to meet a physicist who watched it without laughing. However, it is great fun to watch; dramatic, beautiful and emotionally engaging.

Oscar-winning for its special effects, it currently sits at number 26 on IMDb’s Top 250 list.