100 Word Review – Source Code (2011)

Duncan Jones second film after Moon, this is a fantastic exploration of what it is that makes us human, our body or our mind.

Colter Stevens wakes up in someone else’s body (Jake Gyllenhaal), tasked by a government agency (headed by Vera Farmiga) to find out who caused a train to explode before he is destroyed in the same explosion.

If you got your head around that sentence there is a good chance you will adore this film. Thought provoking and with as many explosions as you could ask for, this is a wonderful film that I’d recommend to anyone!

100 Word Review – Moon (2009)

I think it is the silence of this film that moves me so completely. Duncan Jones’ debut feature film really does stand out from the crowd.

Sam Rockwell stars as Sam, the man who works on the moon, alone except for his computer GERTY (voiced by Kevin Spacey).

Rockwell is unbeatable in this role. This film rests firmly on his shoulders and he does not disappoint. It’s not surprising that the role was written for him.

For Sci Fi geeks, this film is full of winks and nods to the genres rich history. This may be the perfect Sci Fi.