100 Word Review – Girl, Interrupted (1999)

Susanna (Winona Ryder) is committed by her parents after combining pills and vodka in what they see as an attempted suicide. In Cleymore mental hospital she meets the other patients, including the rabble rousing sociopath Lisa (Angelina Jolie)

Adapted from Susanna Kaysen’s autobiographical account of her 18 month stay in a mental hospital in 1960s by the writers of Gorillas In The Mist and Walk The Line.

The fantastic cast includes Whoopi Goldberg, Vanessa Redgrave, Elisabeth Moss, Brittany Murphy, Clea DuVall and Jared Leto; and that\s not even mentioning Jolie’s Oscar winning performance. This film is dark, magnificent and truly unforgettable. 

100 Word Review – Dallas Buyers Club (2013)

Winner of three Oscars, including Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role for Matthew McConaughey and Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role for Jared Leto (who I did not recognise until the end credits), and nominated for three more (including the illusive Best Picture) this is certainly worth a watch.

Following the life of Ron Woodroof (McConaughey), a homophobic electrician who contracts HIV in 1985 and finds himself supporting the “faggots” he has been so disgusted by in order to get the drugs he needs.

Jean-Marc Vallée’s direction gives the drama a well delivered personal touch. 

100 Word Review – Fight Club (1999)

Knowing that I am breaking the first rule of Fight Club just writing this, proves what a great film this is.

Edward Norton plays an insomniac office worker whose life is disrupted when he meets the formidable, effortlessly cool Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt).

Helena Bonham Carter, Meat Loaf and Jared Leto make up part of the amazing supporting cast to this classic psychological thriller.

Based on the best selling novel by Chuck Palahniuk (Choke, Snuff), directed by the indisputably brilliant David Fincher (Se7en, Gone Girl); it combines paranoia, dark humour and violence and currently proudly sits at #10 of IMDb’s Top 250.