100 Word Review – Robot & Frank (2012)

This film is the perfect Sci Fi for people who don’t generally like the genre.

Set in the not-so-distant future, Frank (Frank Langella) is a retired jewel thief whose son (James Marsden) gives him a robot designed to look after him.

Susan Sarandon and Liv Tyler also star in this brilliantly made film which is simultaneously funny and tragic in parts. Although the film is set in the future, assisted-living robots are not as futuristic as they seem, making this ultimately a very moving story about the importance of family, the passing of time and the human need for companionship.


100 Word Review – Dracula (1958)

Everyone knows the story of Dracula.

Not to be confused with the Gary Oldman one, or the Bela Lugosi one, or the Jonathan Rhys Myers one, or the Frank Langella one, and definitely not the Gerard Butler one (what were they thinking?), this is The Christopher Lee One.

Hammer Horror has an indisputable visual style that doesn’t fall into “naturalistic”. But who wants a naturalistic fantasy film? This is about escape! And blood, obviously.

The end result is a film akin to the Victorian penny dreadfuls; dramatic, passionate and satisfying. Trust me, once you’ve seen this one, you’ll be hooked.