100 Word Review – Zoolander 2 (2016)

Fifteen years after the original, blue steel is back.

Written by Justin Theroux and co-written and directed by Ben Stiller (the team behind Tropic Thunder), Zoolander (Stiller) and Hansel (Owen Wilson) are once more involved in an international terror plot. All of the old characters are back with some new faces (Kristen Wiig and Penelope Cruz) and some truly bizarre and unexpected cameos.

I don’t want to give anything away but if you enjoyed the first you will find this one really, really ridiculously good looking. If you haven’t seen Zoolander, I’d imagine you would find it a little baffling.

100 Word Review – The Martian (2015)

Based on Andy Weir’s novel, more than a rescue-Matt-Damon-movie.

Presumed dead, Mark Watney (Damon) is left alone on Mars. Will he get a signal to NASA? And if he does will he survive as the only person on an inhospitable planet?

The cast for this film is extraordinary, but the best thing about it’s the combination of Sci Fi with actual science and a sense of humour. Adapted by Drew Goddard (The Cabin In The Woods) and directed by Ridley Scott (Alien), it pulls away from the “realistic” Sci Fis of recent years managing to be serious, tense and fun.

100 Word Review – The Skeleton Twins (2014)

From writer and director Craig Johnson (True Adolescents) and co-writer Mark Heyman (Black Swan, The Wrestler), comes this bitter-sweet drama about the strength of shared childhoods and sibling bonds.

Milo (Bill Hader) a failed actor, attempts suicide. His estranged twin sister Maggie (Kristen Wiig) gets the call as she is on the verge of doing the same. Forced back into each others lives after 10 years apart, they rediscover each other, themselves and just try to survive.

Co starring the equally wonderful Luke Wilson and Ty Burrell, this is a quirky moving film with moments of comedy, karma and catharsis.

100 Word Review – Girl Most Likely (2012)

Currently available on Netflix, this such an underrated film.

Imogene (Kristen Wiig), a failing playwright, moves back in with her mother (Annette Bening), younger brother (Christopher Fitzgerald) in New Jersey after her career and relationship end up on the rocks.

Darren Criss and Matt Dillon are wonderful as the two strange men who are also living under her mother’s roof.


This film is an emotionally-tangled subtle masterpiece. It’s funny, quirky and moving. While everyone involved is fantastic, Wiig and Criss are a delight, but Dillon steals the show, with a performance I am talking about months after first seeing it.


100 Word Review – Welcome To Me (2014)

Is there nothing that Kristen Wiig can’t do? 

Alice Klieg (Wiig), a woman with an Oprah Winfrey obsession, goes off her psychiatric meds, wins the lottery and decides to host her own talk show with her winnings.


James Marsden, Linda Cardellini, Joan Cusack, Alan Tudyk, Tim Robbins, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Wes Bentley all co-star in this simultaneously funny and moving story about how we perceive ourselves and how that can be distorted by mental illness and television.

Wiig is sublime as Alice, demonstrating a mastery of comic timing and intimate moments that gives the film its edge. A must-see.