100 Word Review – Hot Girls Wanted (2015)


A note worthy and thoroughly terrifying documentary that follows a group of young women who have been drawn into the sex trade in Los Angeles, studying in startling detail how easy it is for web savvy young millennials to fall into the porn industry.

Directors Jill Bauer and Rona Gradus, both of whom worked on the documentary Sexy Baby back in 2012, were nominated for a Primetime Emmy as well as the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance for this remarkable film.

Insightful, detailed and at times truly brutal, this is not for the easily disgusted. It contains some extremely visceral scenes.

100 Word Review – Girl Most Likely (2012)

Currently available on Netflix, this such an underrated film.

Imogene (Kristen Wiig), a failing playwright, moves back in with her mother (Annette Bening), younger brother (Christopher Fitzgerald) in New Jersey after her career and relationship end up on the rocks.

Darren Criss and Matt Dillon are wonderful as the two strange men who are also living under her mother’s roof.


This film is an emotionally-tangled subtle masterpiece. It’s funny, quirky and moving. While everyone involved is fantastic, Wiig and Criss are a delight, but Dillon steals the show, with a performance I am talking about months after first seeing it.


100 Word Review – We are The Best! (2013)

Currently available on Netflix, this is a must-watch film that everyone can enjoy.

Three young girls in 1980s Stockholm join forces against their school, their parents and The Man to create their own punk band. Who cares if they can play their instruments or not? It’s about more than the music.

This film, as the trailer (below) says, is “for anyone who’s ever been 13”, full of anarchy, chaos and humour. It’s written and directed by Lukas Moodysson, based on his wife Coco’s comic book.

It is a guaranteed feel-good film that will leave you feeling empowered and wishing for youth.


100 Word Review – In Your Eyes (2014)

Currently available on Netflix, this charming indie Sci Fi Romance comes from the pen of Joss Whedon (Firefly, Buffy, Avengers). Directed by Brian Hill and starring two relative unknowns, Zoe Kazan and Michael Stahl-David, you can expect the nuanced, heartfelt, witty and engrossing story that Whedon is so well known for.

Two strangers from separate corners of the states are connected by a telepathic link that allows them to see life through the other’s eyes and experience their strongest emotions. The result is a mind-bending insight into the disparity between the way we view ourselves and how we are perceived.